Topical Treatment

only with Enzymes to digest odor-causing
bacteria. This also includes an acetic
cleaning product that breaks down the
alkaline urine salts prior to cleaning.

                                    Shampoo the carpet fibers wall-to-wall with

                                    an oxidizer to break down the urine and mold                                     deposits. They are then transferred to 
                                    absorbent pads before cleaning. Traffic
                                    lanes are also brightened by this process.

An Oxidizer is safely poured into the carpet backing and padding, and then the broken-down pet deposit is Flushed out of
the padding with a transparent ​Truck-Mounted extractor tool.

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Most carpet cleaning processes move around pet accidents, bacteria and activate odors.

GreenDog's Pet Decontamination Processes
 treat and remove odors at their source!


After cleaning a Botanical Disinfectant is applied to the carpet fibers to kill remaining odor causing bacteria; instead of temporarily covering activated odors up with a deodorizer chemical ​as most other carpet cleaning companies do.

We clean up all kinds
​of pet accidents!

Green Cleaning & Odor Removal Specialists

Complete Restoration: Carpet is pulled up, padding, which is like a sponge and may contain most of the pet deposit, is removed and disposed. Tack-strip may be replaced, sub-floor is disinfected and sealed. Carpet fibers and glued backing is treated with enzymes and acetic cleaner. Carpet fibers and 

backing are flushed with an Oxidizer and cleaned. Carpet is speed dried. New padding and new tack strip is installed. 
Carpet is stretched back into place ​​and re-installed.

Removing Pet Accidents with
Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We offer an ala-carte menu of services to remedy odors...

You pick and choose to make your own bill!