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Green Cleaning & Odor Removal Specialists

For a real zero res carpet cleaning, contact us for all pet odor removal and all carpet cleaning in Omaha.

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GreenDog exclusively offers the first EPA registered Green version of a carpet protector to save your carpet investment, and offers a Botanical
post-treatment to keep your carpet allergen and dust-mite free!

About Us

Do you believe everything you see on TV,
or hear on the radio?

Typically, nationwide carpet cleaning franchises don't use proper cleaning techniques to address the 'health-side' of your carpet. In fact, using Steam Cleaning 'by itself' can actually increase bacteria and odors. Contaminants are activated when pushed around and heated up...!

Big TV ads that you've seen for years, claim to leave "... your carpet cleaner", but the only thing they leave behind is a chemical residue! We've all had it happen to us... you just paid to have your carpets cleaned - but then your traffic-lanes and spots came back in a few weeks or even just days. That's because they were never gone, just covered up temporarily with a chemical.

Big Radio ads that you hear lately, claim to leave "... zero residue behind", but their limited process leaves behind plenty of hair, dust mites, bacteria and other activated pollutants!  In fact, when was the last time you washed your clothes without soap?  Or got in the hot shower and just rinsed off? Yuck!

There's ONLY ONE company that addresses the health-side of carpet cleaning...GreenDog Carpet Care's unique and comprehensive carpet cleaning process treats and removes allergens and odors at their source! 

GreenDog's cleaning process restores carpet back to a like-new condition.

Pet Odor Removal Specialists


ALERT! EPA Studies: "Carpet is the biggest filter in your home, and must be cleaned for Health..."

Fibers collect millions of dead dust-mite carcasses, and their feces 'every day'! Sticky allergens attract dry-soil & oils, forming visible 'traffic-lanes'. 
​Food and drink spills organically decompose on the carpet, leaving unsightly 'spots'...Pet hair & dander embed themselves between carpet 
filaments, and pet urine accidents soak down into the carpet padding, leaving hazardous bacteria growing on both the surface & below the carpet.​